Pas de la Casa. The largest ski resort in the Pyrenees

Pas de la Casa. The largest ski resort in the Pyrenees


The ski resort of Pas de la Casa has already fulfilled 49 years since that day that was used for the first time a trailer. Because this old today, this was the first Andorran ski resort . It was 1957 when it was considered a center of organized skiing since then the station has been growing infrastructure currently getting itself to say that is the biggest resort in the Pyrenees .

It is worth mentioning its large size , nothing more and nothing less than 626 hectares in which there are more than 100 km of ski slopes

Geographically divided into three valleys that are almost Pas Circus House , Great Den Roig and slopes of fact determines the existence of three different centers which is a great advantage because it avoids the excessive crowds.

This large ski resort is very complete and also the incredible tracks , has a formidable ski school, helipad , nurseries, restaurants and all amenities required for skiers and their families. Also of note is the excellent offers of accommodation such as hotels and apartments in Pas de la Casa.

All kinds of skiers , whatever level you are from beginner to expert athletes are in Pas de la Casa the ideal place for white sport . Also the surfers of all skills and levels found in this Pas station house an ideal place to exercise.

Regardless of skiing , the resort offers various snow-related activities , such as renting snowmobiles, sleds and heliskiing.

No doubt this beautiful station is a place of great sports facilities and combines both a ' very pleasant living habitat . For the young and for everyone in general party mood beyond the tracks , there is a great deal of leisure clubs, cafes , ... etc.