The Aran Valley in summer

The Aran Valley in summer


In this section you will find things to do in the Aran Valley in summer.


Paragliding in the Aran Valley

Historically, a dream that has prevailed in the minds of men is the ability to fly like birds do . Really the sense of freedom it must feel watching the landscape from above has to be one of the beautiful potential . Birds have that tremendous luck because nature endowed them with perfect wings . The man does not have those wings but his genius ability has led him to devise contraptions that have been filled in some way those who lack wings .

One of these gadgets is paragliding . Paragliding is a small , lightweight aircraft that has only the pilot's chair , fabric and strings whose weight ranges on the 8 kg .. The expert is launched from a steep slope and riding the thermals and fly plan get many many miles above the ground . A paraglider if you guide , you can reach the speed of 50 km per hour. 

Paragliding in the Aran Valley can be one of the most beautiful experiences there . Move to the distance with those beautiful landscapes beneath your feet makes you see the world in a whole other way .

For those who are not experts travel in paragliding, the option of using a two-seater is the best way to get started in this sport . It has the safety of a tandem pilot , experienced instructor will ensure that the experience is the perfect and without any risk for the passenger .. In the town of Sos Castejon the services you can hire to make this activity seater . The flights may vary between 10 and 30 minutes . Also in the ski resort of Baqueira there are companies that can provide all relevant information regarding this beautiful hobby ..

You need to bring appropriate clothing , hiking boots or running shoes, and long pants . Other companies contracted supply helmets, specific material ... etc. .


Playing golf in the Aran Valley

Salardú is definitely a people of the Aran Valley very interesting to know . Geographically it is located in the Aran Valley between the Garonne River and the river Unhola . The views are excellent and also has a rich artistic Digana mentioned, including the Romanesque Church of San Andrés with its robust hexagonal belfry and its famous Christ of Salardú beautiful example of the Romanesque period imagery.

But apart from all the above , salardú offers visitors another attraction : it is his golf club that certainly is a great incentive for fans of the sport . The course was designed by Enrique Saenger and extends around the Garonne river , taking some time to cross this river to reach some holes. This field has 9 holes of different length being 1 and 5 the longest ( 120 and 130 m respectively). The shortest hole is 80 meters. The tour of the 9 holes is 895 m. 

It really an enjoyment for the senses play the sport of golf in an incredibly beautiful setting , surrounded by lush forests and valleys.

The club, otherwise it is very complete because it has an area of ​​100 meters to practice shooting with a capacity for 12 players , also can practice bunker and area and approach. In front of the club house area can also find a putting green with 6 holes with different slopes and levels.

The club house also collects varied attractions for players and visitors , as a convention hall with capacity for 90 people , a good restaurant, shops and places to Golf equipment rental.