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SNOWBOARD in Baqueira Beret

Baqueira is one of the best places in Europe to learn and snowboarding, from beginners to experienced.

The minimum equipment required is: board, boots and clips. You have several ways and always start with the easiest. Participants have access to group classes or individual lessons, which can be daily, weekend or individual days. The minimum age to get started in this sport is from 3 years. You can choose to apply for family class if they so wish.

Snowparks in Baqueira Beret

The snowboard is practiced in the area Blanhiblar in Beret. It has two snow parks, Snowparks Comala Serra and Snowpark sector Serra in Baqueira Beret.

Snowpark sector Serra in Baqueira Beret

The Serra Snowparks initiation modules have well equipped to practice more safely, people making their debut in the snowboard. The land has a length of 500 meters and 75 meters wide and has a slope of 10 and 20 degrees and height of 2000 meters.

In this snowpark is practiced Slope Style, suitable for novice snowboarders because of its low difficulty. Modules have 6 and 7 artificial snow, and 4 chairlifts TDS, with the base elevation 1839 m high altitude 2220 m, slope 381 meters. The schedule for the practice of snowboarding is from 9.30 am to 16.30 pm.

The Snowpark Comalada in Baqueira Beret sector

The Snowpark griddle is open from 9.30 am to 16.30 pm here snowboarders who have a high average level, the terrain is 650 meters long and 75 m wide, gradient from 10/25 ° with a height of 200 meters. Format is practiced Slope Style, has six modules and five artificial snow.

To transport this snowpark are 4 chairlifts, based on 1.839 meters altitude and high altitude 2.220 meters is located, has a vertical drop of 381m. They are available all hours serving the snowpark.

There are numerous schools in Baqueira Snowboard with over 300 qualified instructors who dominate the English and French perfectly.

Here are some phones provided information to learn snowboarding

* Heli, Baqueira Beret (973 645 797).

* J. Moga Ski School, Building 1500 Baqueira Val de Ruda, Tl 973 645 838

* Snowboard School Val d'Aran, offers experienced instructors and some are even excompetidores Snowboard and Ski. It offers individual and group classes for children and adults, has guides instructors throughout the day. It is located in Building Campalias, low 25 in Baqueira 1500.

* Ski Techno, led by Rafael Cuñat provides services of qualified instructors, equipment rental and repair of snowvoard. They offer daily classes and weekends. Building Location Maubara S / N Core Salardu Baqueira (25 598), telephone 973 642 772

* Era School, Tel 973645126, offers 200 graduate teachers, some escpecializados snowboarding. Also this walking tracks in Baqueira 1500.

* Snowboard Isuala 973 644 022.

* 973645081 Monbisurf Aranneu, snowboard lessons, snowboard specialty shop.

* 973645148 Calafate Sky Center, classes from beginners to experts, rental and sale of clothing and snowboard equipment

* 973645979 ProCenter, snowboard school, shop, rental equipment (snowboards and snowboard boots)

* School 973645404 Sky Flakes, snowboard clothing and custom classes and groups.

* Cuyler School 973 64 50 34, ski school, snowboard and Telemark,

Master Ski Adventure * 973 64 June 1947, telemark and snowboarding.

* Landing Snowboard School 973 64 40 22, accommodation, school and rent.

* And to find the best apartments in Baqueira walking trails. 973107207


If you want to learn snowboarding or practice, Baqueira is undoubtedly your best choice.