Eating in Baqueira

Gastronomy in Baqueira

The temptation of regional food, liquor, pates and meat in the restaurants in Baqueira the ideal framework to meet the most demanding palates. Dining at Baqueira is entering a gourmet universe always ready to surprise and gratify the senses.

Besides having the best and most complete ski in Spain, Val d'Aran, the famous Catalan Pyrenean valley, is recognized worldwide for its exquisite cuisine. With a range of offers, Vall d'Aran restaurants ranging from traditional dishes of international cuisine to traditional dishes and Spanish native, and his meals are a luxury available to the visitor. It is noteworthy that the typical kitchen or regionalde Baqueira is a product of the penetration of French tastes, through Delos pates, duck, the civets and crepes, also known as pulp mills or. Also, another factor determining the cuisine is due to climatic conditions typical of a mountainous place which call for a strong and balanced cuisine to counter the cold. Proof of this is the abundanciade soups and stews <including representative stressed the pot Aran, A must for the particular mix of sausage, beef and chicken, bacon, noodles and vegetables, which allow you to enjoy an ancient tradition of the region.

But not only the soups and stews are the most popular dishes of local cuisine, but the meat in its entirety is one of the products chosen by the tourists to eat at Baqueira, especially beef and sheep meat, and the brook trout, combined with mushrooms and cheese from sheep and goats.

They that go down after a long day deesquí, nothing better than baking in the Valley. Desserts made with wild berries such as blackberries or strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are ideal to serve with homemade liqueurs, such as the traditional spirit of nuts, currant liqueur, and hot wine. With the incredible nature of the Pyrenees mountain range as its backdrop, Baqueira restaurants you have been directed towards good food, excellent service and good local products that serve as a pretext for relaxation and leisure, making the meal a pleasure.