Childcare Baqueira

Childcare service in Baqueira Beret


It is essential for people to have children to know that children can be well cared and protected while they practice their sports in the snow or other sports. Therefore, it is very important that there are playgrounds and daycare centers where they can leave the kids with confidence.

It is also important for toddlers to have a first contact with the snow having some introductory classes for children or ski Baby. Any sport is very important to practice early and in relation to the characteristics sport of skiing, even more. It is possible to hire special lesson packages for begin with those ages learning ski in Baqueira.

In Baqueira, Beret and Bonaigua there are parks specialized in serving and caring for children from two years. Also for those under that age are specialized caregivers Borda Lobato, at the heart of 1500.

Apart from all the above, in the Aran Valley there are Baby sitters that are caring for children while their parents have to be away.

Telephones of interest

Baqueira 188 ...... 606544132

Beret ....... 606544134

Borda Lobato ...... 973645448