Aran Valley. Gessa - Arties - Garos - Arties - Gessa

Aran Valley. Gessa - Arties - Garos - Arties - Gessa

It is easy to make a journey that can last around 2 hours. In general terms it can be described as spectacular because of the beauty of its landscape with incredible vegetation and wonderful views . Also from the cultural point of view is very interesting.

Gessa is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque the Aran Valley , with its original an typicalhouses of Aran. From there begins the journey. The Plaza Mayor is the starting point and continue down the street from the church , Gothic church dedicated to the patron of the town of San Pedro and has as noteworthy characteristic hexagonal bell tower . Once arrived at Corhila ravine , crossed by a stone bridge and found a clear path passing through beautiful meadows , bushes and brambles , sloes, and scrub. The road runs parallel to the c -28 and leads to Arties .

Arties near which are two rivers , the Garonne and the Valarties , is an interesting town in the Aran Valley which note is the Romanesque church of Santa Maria , worth seeing, the church of Saint Joan , where we can admire traveling art exhibitions and the monument dedicated to Gaspar de Portola, whose name it bears in his honor on national parador . From there, we dirigieremos ground by a small road to Garos . Once there , we headed to Plaça Major with a street called carrer deth solei and once there go down the carrer of Polaeres and crossed the c- 28 via a bridge over the Garonne .

On a leafy road, " Camin Riau " We continue our walk back to Arties but this time we walked along the shaded side which makes the landscape even equal in beauty, be different. This time we find forests of poplar , ash and maple and a warm scented with the aroma of honeysuckle abundant .

In this way we passed by a lime kiln , the ancient ruins of the baths of Arties ( hot sulphurous water ) , cross the river again Arties Valarties coming . From there we head to the end of the journey , starting turn of this journey that is the people of Gessa . We will do this through a spectacularly beautiful trail that will lead to the Mont - Romies track , then turn left and after crossing the Garonne , climb to Giessa through ravine known as Barranc de Corhila.