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Accommodation in apartments and houses in the Aran Valley.

Find your accommodation in the Aran Valley: apartments in the Aran Valley and beautiful aranes houses.

Aran Valley apartments and houses accommodation in:

Baqueira: Apartments very close to the skiing lifts. Apartments by the ski slopes of Baqueira Beret…

Viella: Apartments of 1 or 2 rooms. Viella/Vielha accommodation…

Arties: Apartaments and Aranes Houses from 2 people up to 10 perople. Arties apartments and aranes houses…

Salardu: Three rooms apartament. Salardu aranes houses

Mont: Aranes tipical house 4 rooms.Mont accommodation…


Our wide selection of apartments for rent and houses for your getaway in the Aran Valley may allow you to find the home or the perfect apartment for your holiday and enjoy the charms of mountains, valleys and rivers. Discover the Valley of Aran or Aran Vall in Catalan and Aranese typical people that make it so famous and recognized: Vielha, Arties, Salardú Bagergue, or Mont Vilac are near the ski resort of Baqueira Beret.

The Aran Valley is ideal for both summer and winter destination; if you can enjoy in a beautiful apartment or rental home. And thanks to our apartment booking system, you will find your apartment in the Aran Valley and enjoy a fantastic holiday in quality accommodation.


The Aran Valley

The region of the Aran Valley is a region of high mountain in the Pyrenees of Lleida. By extending the Garonne River, which flows into Bordeaux across southern France.

This is a valley that has institutions of government and their own language, Aranese, Catalan and differentiated from the Gascon.

Located in the center of the valley, the capital Vielha which is modern and charming traditional par.

Salardú churches, Arties and Escunhau are splendid examples of Romanesque art located in a stunning setting. This landscape is surrounded by peaks of over 3,000 meters, with forested areas of spruce, pine and beech and crystal clear lakes.

A natural space where to enjoy and practice all kinds of sports.



On your visit to the Aran Valley you cannot lose its topography with its peaks and valleys, its forests of Atlantic climate, its lakes and Stanys that formed with the melting of the last glaciation, nor their full paths virgin spaces and great natural value, nor its mining heritage, nor its old houses you discover the traditional life of Aranese people, nor its museums, nor its Romanesque churches.