How to reach Aigüestortes

Getting the Aigüestores Park by public transport

If we need to use public transport to get to the National Park Aigüestortes found in the Pyrenees of Lleida, there are several alternatives that can be considered.

By Bus: Alsina Graells company offers regular bus lines between Barcelona and Lleida with major towns near the park.

By train: A recommended route would be from Sants Station (Barcelona ) train to Lleida station . Once you reach Lleida station can combine with line train to Pobla de Segur . This line comes out every day and have a schedule with outputs at different times . This schedule varies whether it is working holidays and therefore should inform yourself on the phone 973-220202 . Once in Pobla de Segur buses can be used to reach the final destination .

An option is also possible to hire taxi 4X4 leaving the towns near the park. There are information centers at points close to the park that can tell us how to rent these taxis. You can also call directly to the following organizations : Association Boi Valley taxi drivers (629205489) and Espot cabbies Association (973624105)

Mention the so-called "Bus Park " that circles the park joining interesting places like El Pla de Ermita, Espot , Sort , Taul , Vielha , and Esterri Boniagua Port d' Anheu .. etc. . The price ranges between 1.45 euros and 10.75 euros as the distance to travel although you can get season tickets 8 euros with which the traveler can travel freely for that price wherever whenever during the day .

To finish we must mention the means of transport that may offer more attractive and beautiful for visitors, we refer to the cable car . In such special landscapes where nature shows all its beauty like these in the Catalan Pyrenees , cable car ride is a treat for the senses and is an excellent medium for photography lovers . You can access the drive from the cable car station Outgoing which is the bottom of the drive . That way we measured 700 meters and 407m up to the peg Gento .