Access to Aiguestortes National Park and Lake Sant Maurici

Access to Aiguestortes National Park and Lake Sant Maurici

Aiguestortes National Park with Lake Sant Maurici is located in the heart of the Pyrenees of Lleida . To access this beautiful place there are different ways , but generally there are two accesses that are almost the most used. Criterion makes us decide for one or the other access will depend if we go by the eastern ú western park.

If we want to access the western or Aiguestortes , road access will do through the Boi valley that belongs to the region of the hi tech . In this valley there are two entries which both one and the other , offer visitors the spectacle of incredibly beautiful places .

One of the entries of the Boi Valley is the " bank of Sant Nicolau " and is made according to the L- 500 which leads to Caldes de Boi . Once the deviation for that people, in 2 km find the forest track that takes us to the Aiguestortes Park . By this way we will enjoy stunning landscapes such as lakes and LLONG Llebreta .

If instead we diverted and continue along the road of Caldes to go to town, find a second entrance very close to Dam Cavallers . This second entry is the entry called the " bank of Caldes " . Also in this way are as Travessani lakes , Negre and Monge . We also appreciate Comaloforno peak height of over 3000 m is the highest spot in the park.

Once at the park , we must highlight the important fact of the prohibition to enter it with vehicles. For this reason there are several entries of parking places to park cars. Only allow bicycles and taxis utilzacion 4X4 vehicles are also restricted when it comes to plain Aiguestortes .

If we want to access the park by the east which is where there is the famous landmark in the Lake Sant Maurici , we will from Espot . We may use the car from this town to the parking entrance is located 4 km . From there we can reach the lake by bike or on foot. Also from the people you can hire taxis 4X4 that will lead to the refuge of Atmiges .

Aigüestortes National Park has an additional attraction for visitors and is the existence of a cable car from which to appreciate views. The cable car Outbound links the lake to Gento lake.